About Us

Str8 Coastin is a multifaceted and multicultural Clothing Brand that serves to inspire people to remain Authentic and to be original in a world where it is Rare. Founded in 2012 by Dion Toliver and PJ Wesley, Str8 Coastin began as strictly a Hat Brand, which has since evolved into a full scale clothing brand after the demand for more options from the brand skyrocketed.

Str8 Coastin intends on becoming a global brand that inspires people from Coast to Coast and from all walks of life to stand in their true Power. To connect. To create. To dream. To be unapologetic in self expression. To live without boundaries. To be Timeless. To be Limitless. To be Powerful.

Connecting with the History of Black Wallstreet:

After Learning about the true History of Tulsa, Ok world renown Black Wallstreet at The University of Tulsa as a college athlete, President/CEO Dion Toliver moved to open it’s first brick and mortar in south Tulsa back in October 2020. Str8 Coastin intends on relocating to the Heart of Black Wallstreet, and to be a part of the next generation of entrepreneurs in the combined effort to restore Black Wallstreet’s Financial Power.